The Quilting Community

I've never met a group of people that were so caring and so warm as the the people in the quilting community. Lots of people like to follow rules, in life, in quilting. I was never a "rule follower". It didn't make a difference to the quilt community. They accepted me. They embraced me, they embraced my work.

If your approach is different than others it doesn't make a difference. They want you to succeed, they don't want you to fail. Quilting has something for everyone. You find your own level. Find a group that you're comfortable within the quilting community. The quilting community is more than the women you get together with for a few hours once a week to sew for six weeks to make a quilt. The effect of this group will ripple throughout your life. They want you to make a great quilt and they don't care how you get there.

Freddy Moran